MMI Successful in Driving Performance at Sleep Inn

We are encouraged to say that the Comfort Suites in Dothan, AL was sold last night and MMI will no longer be providing management support services to the team on-property.

We never like to leave the team members of a property, but we are encouraged because we have done our job WELL!   We were hired to get the cart out of the ditch when a local bank had to foreclose on the former owners and needed an experienced hotel management company to come in and drive performance to a valuation where the bank was happy to sell.  Not only did we succeed in answering this call, but we were able to provide a great experience for the team members on-property in the process.

We wish them the best of luck as they continue with the new ownership / management group. Additionally, we will use our experience as an example of the WINNING WAYS that MMI can provide to future owners needing real hospitality management experience.

Thanks goes out to Scott Sledge and the full home office team!