Hoteliers Ten Commandments

As we all go through our daily routine and walk by the same people we see each day, its hard not to fall into the same old, same old. One of the great aspects of the hospitality industry is the fact that you can meet a new personality daily. But even that newness wears off at times. I read the below article about a hoteliers ten commandments and it help to bring to mind that we do need a reminder, sometimes daily, to break out of routine and move forward. I challenge you to do just that…

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Boutique Hotels and Market Development

In this weeks article posting, I am sharing a development take on boutique hotels. As the author describes, boutique hotels are providing ownership opportunities in second tier markets. The developments are showcasing better than industry average results in terms of ADR and RevPAR. As a management company, we are actively looking for partnership opportunities in independent boutique styled hotels, in all markets. Enjoy the read this week and if you know a hotel that could use our services, contact us!


Boutique Hotels – Development Goes Off the Beaten Path

Boutique Hotels

Guest service more important than ever

The linked article below continues to demonstrate the need to invest in guest service. As hotel brands continue to drive a mobile application for check-in and check-out (Hilton/Marriott), the moments we actually get to serve a guest are that much more critical. A key note from the article is that communication will be the new key for owners and operators.

How are you making impressions on Guests?

I found this brief editorial linked below strangely impactful. It brings to mind the different ways that we can influence a guest’s stay or dining experience. A simple nod to the team that isn’t seen, taking a guest the muffin that have had everyday to them – instead of waiting for them to approach, a “How was your meeting” upon return that evening with genuine interest to their response. Guests expect a smile and a warm greeting, its what you do next that gives them a ┬ámoment to remember. All easy gestures but how often and consistently are we doing it. Great service isn’t hard, just takes a little effort past the expected norm.