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Business + Leisure = BLEISURE

aspire-volume-xivAre you here for business or leisure?  Both?  Well then you are here for bleisure.

Not surprisingly, bleisure is popular among millenials who frequently travel for work.  According to BridgeStreet Global Hospitality’s 2014 Bleisure Study, 94 percent of younger travelers would like to take a bleisure trip within the next five years.

So What?

This “kill two bird with one stone” mentality changes consumer needs and preferences and thereby our responsibility as hospitality hosts.  Instead of booking a hotel room a few short blocks from a meeting site, one might choose a location more central or in closer proximity to somewhere they want to be socially.  Location remains key, but with a shuffled list of priorities.  Collecting unique experiences and recognizing ways to maximize their time by blending the lines between the professional and the personal will reign.