A Distinct Culture


From the very beginning, MMI’s culture has been more than being just a business. We were a family, first. Our business has grown quite a bit since that first day in 1956, and our family has grown right along with it. Handshakes are passed on and hugs run rampant, and as we continue to grow, we promise that this culture will never change.

It’s no secret that the Sturdivant and Jones families are undeniably indebted and highly grateful to our extended family of MMI team members. We’ve been rewarded with amazing commitment to our company, and we’re proud of the tenure of so many positions within the organization.

The unique experiences and culture we provide to others begin with the core values we instill in ourselves.

Our core values make us who we are. As we change and grow, the beliefs that are most important to us stay the same—putting people first, pursuing excellence, embracing change, acting with integrity and serving our community. Being part of MMI Hotel Group means being part of a family with a proud history and a thriving culture.

We are empowered to succeed by those who invest in us their capital. To them we gratefully return that capital multiplied. To those who invest in us their labor, we will return leadership, career potential and job satisfaction. And to those guests who invest in us their
trust, we will return unequaled service and value. Today and tomorrow. In this respect, MMI is without peer.