Leadership at MMI


Our Leadership Philosophy

“Leadership from the bottom up” may seem to be an unusual organizational structure. Yet at MMI, it reveals a management philosophy proven by over half a century of success and growth.

First, the MMI organizational chart is an inverted pyramid. This ensures that those whose everyday job is guest/customer interaction and service are, in turn, supported by the others below them, in sequence. And secondly, this ensures that at every facility, in every department, in every job, MMI associates have buy-in and authorship in all corporate plans and goals.

Every company seeks to make a profit — a return on investments. In that respect MMI is like any other business.

To MMI, investment means empowerment: resources applied to people as well as bricks and mortar. This investment provides the vision to the future of our industry, the courage to set the goals that the future demands of those who will remain profitable, and the disciplined and creative leadership necessary to reach those goals. To MMI, investment builds a confident partnership. We have been strengthened by over 50 years of commitment to this industry. Thus, we have grown. We are ready for tomorrow.



Mike P. Sturdivant, II
Founder (1927 – 2012)

Considering business diversification and opportunity in an economy that was quickly changing, Mike Sturdivant has provided instrumental leadership in the lives of thousands of MMI employees and families. More…

Blake Butler
Operations Resource Manager

Rich Byrd
Vice President, Hotel Operations

Ronald J. Cockayne, Jr.
President, MMI Dining Systems

Olivia Demuth
Resource Manager

Bob Gilstrap
District Manager

Nicholas Gattuso
Director of Business Development

Lindsay Hamm
Director of Revenue Performance

Michael J. Hart, CPA
Sr. Vice President of Finance

Cynde Houston
District Manager

Jessica Humphreys
Assistant Controller

David Jenner
Chief Financial Officer

Mark Kane
Operations Resource Manager

Kevin Krzeminski
Resource Manager

Daniel MacGregor
Director of Information Technology

Loyd Marbury
Cash Management Accountant

David McEwen
District Manager


Earle F. Jones
Founder (1925 – 2013)

A true statesman, Earle Jones has had a direct leadership impact not only on his business but also the greater hospitality industry and general community. More…

Ken O’Keefe, CHA
Vice President, Technical Services

Gene Pickardt
Resource Manager

Tina Presley
Payroll Manager

Laura Rabalais
Assistant Controller

Melissa Rogers
Support Services Coordinator

Tom Scott
Director of Procurement

Len Shannon
Corporate Controller

Amy Smith
Information Technology Specialist

Susan Sparkman Smith
Director of Business Development

Renee Stormes
Director of Human Resources

Gaines Sturdivant, CHA
Chief Executive Officer, MMI Hospitality Group

Micajah Sturdivant
President, MMI Hotel Group

Paula Thorn
Staff Accountant

Sarita Wallace
Staff Accountant