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MMI Dining offers a diversity of operational experience.

MMI Dining Systems is more than simply a division of a premier hospitality management corporation. It is the synthesis and application of the knowledge acquired in the over fifty-year, industry-respected track record of the MMI Hotel Group.

Armed with the sensitivity gained in ownership and the resources and reputation borne of success, MMI Dining Systems is uniquely qualified to satisfy the dining public in all of its demands and diversity. MMI Dining Systems melds the skills diversity of its management team with a clear and common sense of mission: To provide dining services, in all their varied facets, with unmatched quality, delivery, efficiency and value, bringing its skills and economies of scale to bear on the needs of the client

MMI Dining offers diversity of operations

The division operates a diverse group of foodservice facilities, both managed under contract and owned, across the Southeast. This geographic and conceptual diversity provides a strategic network of MMI food service professionals to support our customers. These operations, typically within a hundred miles of an MMI property, benefit significantly from the support network of established MMI operations and the resources they offer. Additionally, MMI Dining Systems aggressively seeks additional client relationships within healthcare, education, business and industry, clubs, government and miscellaneous institutions with on-site food service.