Dining Services & Capabilities

MMI Dining Systems – Services

Wherever food is served and no matter the environment or volume – employee cafeterias, private clubs, healthcare facilities or schools – MMI Dining Systems possesses the highly specialized skills mix required to handle it. Professional services begin, as they must, with an intensive evaluation of each of the operational components of a prospective customer’s facility. Physical facilities, food costs, purchasing, budgeting, and a host of allied details all undergo management’s scrutiny and evaluation. Recommendations are submitted, strategies developed and management systems implemented that collectively pursue agreed-to financial and operational objectives.

Specific MMI Dining Systems’ services include:

  • performance evaluation report
  • recipe/preparation standardization
  • concept analysis/recommendations
  • volume purchasing discounts
  • purchasing inventory control systems
  • accounting/recordkeeping
  • staffing and personnel
  • budget/projection reports
  • training
  • marketing & merchandising
  • job description/evaluation systems
  • personnel & management resources

Clients typically coMMIt to comprehensive adoption of MMI’s proven food services, systems and processes, confident in the creative and efficient management practices that are the result of relying fully on MMI Dining Systems.

To learn more on how MMI Dining Systems can assist your organization, please contact us.

Among the types of facilities MMI Dining Systems serves are:

  • healthcare facilities
  • adult and child care facilities
  • schools and colleges
  • nursing homes
  • private clubs
  • public restaurants
  • corporate dining facilities
  • hotels and resorts
  • retirement communities
  • satellite catering

Based on our fifty year experience, MMI has developed a keen understanding of the unique culture within each institution. Since each facility is unique, we concentrate on your current and future vision to customize a solution that will map out a blueprint for your future.