Cabot Lodge, a MMI Original Hotel Brand

Launched in 1984 by MMI Hotel Group as its own brand, Cabot Lodge features a warm, natural, outdoor lodge atmosphere which has developed fierce customer loyalty over the years. The Cabot Lodge experience resonates with many travelers as the early portfolio of properties was oftentimes strategically developed in college towns across the Southeast.  The offerings of the Cabot Lodge brand were forward-thinking when conceptualized and remain competitive in today’s every changing marketplace.  As University students graduated, family and friends congregated is the Great Rooms of Cabot Lodge hotels to share memories and celebrate new beginnings.

Cabot Lodge


Today, the Cabot Lodge collection of hotels continue to provide leisure and business travelers with rustic charm and modern conveniences.  MMI continues to tout Cabot Lodge as the property “where hospitality comes naturally” and has taken great care that each design detail reflects the calming and relaxing atmosphere of the outdoors.  Cabot Lodge also takes steps to protect the Earth, as it has put in place features to conserve our natural resources. Designed around a most hospitable hotel concept, Cabot Lodge offers such a relaxing atmosphere that you’ll get the feeling you have escaped to the demands of everyday life.


Does MMI franchise Cabot Lodge hotels?

  • Many hotels could benefit from associating themselves with the Cabot Lodge brand.  MMI does not franchise the concept, but does offer access to a full suite of support and rights through third-party hotel management.  We know how to maximize Cabot Lodge hotels and have been successful is managing this brand for independent ownership groups.  If you are interested in learning more about this offering and the full suite of support MMI Hotel Group can provide, please contact us HERE.

What is signature to the Cabot Lodge hotel concept?

  • While the overall décor of a Cabot Lodge hotel has its signature rustic charm, the amenities have always been designed to foster conversation and support the assembling of groups.  Our Great Rooms have been the backdrop for countless complimentary cocktails (served nightly) and full Southern breakfasts (served daily) while our interest in environmental conservation and backyard experiences have been at the core of offerings.

What sets Cabot Lodge apart today?

  • Comfort resonates with our guests.  Travelers who stay at the Cabot Lodge exhale when they enter our hotels because each property and its team members are focused on offering a relaxing, safe, and welcoming environment.  Whether we are showcasing the work of local artist guilds or encouraging guests to experience nearby natural wonders, Cabot Lodge hotels works to infuse unique offerings into what might have initially been expected to just be another night away from home.  Our founders’ goal has always been to provide unique features to guests, and above all, great quality at an appreciated price.  Cabot Lodge warmth and hospitality will bring you back again and again.

Who do I contact about staying at a Cabot Lodge hotel?

  • To learn more about how you can experience a Cabot Lodge hotel as a traveler, please visit