Aviation Garden Sets Home2 Suites St Simons Island Apart

img_2516MMI Hospitality Group will expand its hospitality offerings on St Simons Island with the opening of the Home2 Suites at Malcolm McKinnon Airport on St. Simons.  Recognizing the site’s legacy and association with aeronautics, owners engaged Sea Island Landscaping to create an “Aviation Garden” based off the most basic principle of flight – the airfoil.

Upon entering the garden, it becomes clear that the pool is different than most standard commercial pools…it is in the basic shape of an airfoil.  However, in looking closer, it becomes obvious that the concept is not confined to simply the pool.  It is carried out throughout the entire pool (Aviation) garden.

From the pavers, to the shape of the seating areas, to the selection and placement of the plant materials, the basic principles of the physics of the airfoil are carried out through the garden.  David Wentworth of Sea Island Landscaping, states, “It becomes a living wind tunnel.  The placement of the airfoil, allows for the wind to funnel between the hotel building and the terminal building.  When one enters through the main gate and takes their eye across the airfoil, they virtually take flight out to the tarmac.”

Looking closer, the aviation theme is carried out on a more intimate scale with the selection of aviation artwork including an area designated for “Sculptor of the Year”.  This provides for the area to continue to be updated by local artists for returning guests to experience.